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Here is one of Harrison Law Firm's current cases that recently made news:

A couple who owns property near French Settlement said an accidental shooting or armed confrontation could occur if a state court judge allows Livingston Parish officials to tear down their gate.

Calvin and Brenda Howell, of Tennessee, erected the gate across a gravel drive that they say extends from the paved portion of King George Road to about 100 feet from King George Bayou. The gravel drive splits in half the Howells’ property, which is leased for hunting.

The Howells contend in a lawsuit filed against the parish earlier this month that the gravel drive between the gate and the bayou is part of their private property. But a group of parish residents say in court documents that the drive has been part of a public road for more than two centuries and is a necessary path to the waterway, which connects to the Amite River.

The Howells said they are tired of people trespassing across their property, dumping garbage and illegally poaching game. They have asked the 21st Judicial District Court to declare the gravel drive beyond the gate is private property and to award them damages for the gate’s removal and the trespassing that’s occurred on their property.

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